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The ideal solution for you to integrate with any system sending SMS to their employees, customers, social networking, among thousands of other systems, database. Furthermore, the most cheaper solution in the market


Access your Condominium anywhere in the world, all via the web in real time. Through an automated tool to provide and On Line Residential Condominiuns, contact your Receiver via the website and all the resources that can provide you with your Condominium


The Visual Net works in the development of systems on demand to customers of all sizes for over 12 years. All development is grounded in the PDS (Software Development Process) of Visual Net, described from the adoption of best practices by MPS and guided by our experience in the area.


With Remote Session can remotely control multiple user sessions that use or access via RDP thin client devices. Lets shut down remotely send commands, among other features. Access via the Intranet or Internet.


Safety and speed readings with Biometrics The Digital each person is unique and has enough complexity to provide a robust solution for identification. We develop and integrate systems with biometric readers (Digital, Face, etc) and increase the security of your system


We develop specific systems for your MAC OSX environment using native code.