SCM – Communication & Marketing

An effective tool ERM (Experience Relationship Management) to allow full interactivity, streamline the exchange of
information on a segment basis, outside the channel or e-mail portal and measure results in real time. 

Fully directed, ie, after you install the program you will be provided free of charge, you will have possibility to
receive communiqués, videos, files, benefits, etc.., directly and absolutely more affordable rates than the market

100% Compatible with Normative International SA 8000

 SCM With his company will have vantages:
 Increased loyalty and preference of your client and consumer 
 Help in accessing new markets and building brand awareness of a stronger 
 maintains its communication strategy, reinforcing the core values of your organization, as well as a means of practicing them 
 Reinforces the motivation and commitment of employees progressive, then positively impacting the quality of their service and products 
 Improves the management and performance of your supply chain 

Install immediately, is quick, easy and 100% secure 

Guarantee for your company
 technical and legal Guarantee.
 Expert technical support 24 hours a day. 
 absolute secrecy in storing information. 


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