Bartop Arcade Transformed into a Raspberry Pi Server

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Bartop Arcade Transformed into a Raspberry Pi Server

The first intention to buy this arcade was to simply play the game GALAGA, so famous in the 80’s / 90’s.

So I bought this adapter for the iPAD MINI that simply was to insert the iPAD in it and to start playing the games developed for “ARCADIE”

Check it out in


is an inexpensive product, they can check on
so why not….

So things did not go as planned, the adapter was no longer compatible with the iOS 12 version (there were several incompatibility messages), there were no more games available in the Apple Store, so the solution was to adapt …..

So I decided to use arcadie (because it’s really pretty and reminds me of my old arcade games), join my experience as a developer of iOT (Internet of Things) apps and developer and create a Games platform and at the same time have a server inlaid with a Raspberry PI 3.

Below I will show you step by step the process I did to transform an iPad gaming adapter into a complete server containing:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Retropie Platform (Raspberry distribution optimised for emulation games)
  • TFT HDMI Screen 5″
  • 2 Relay for automations
  • Node-Red Server
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Server
  • MQTT Server
  • Bots for Discord and Telegram


FASE 1 – Understanding the device


FASE 2 – Buying what is necessary for adaptation

  • Screen TFT HDMI 5″
  • Zero Delay Joystick Adaptor USB
  • Cables and Buttons
  • Cable HDMI 90 Degrees ( because the HDMI connector is on top of device)

FASE 3 – Adapting with all the elements


FASE 4 – Testing the Installed Systems and Checking the Hardware





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